Powar Urges FA To Charge Liverpool

Powar Urges FA To Charge Liverpool

I can’t say this hasn’t been a very messy affair for Liverpool FC and it continues to be dragged out in the media. Since the accusations came from Patrice Evra that Luis Suarez racially abused him, our common reaction was that it would be settled behind close doors.

Possibly with a judgement in favor of not shining the spotlight on the Premier League as a league which is apathetic to racial abuse. I think the Italian Seria A is the dubious owner of that title.

I find it hard to sympathize with the plight of Liverpool, simply because of their staunch defense and outright activism toward their support to Suarez. The now infamous shirt wearing episode the Liverpool players participated in before a match against Wigan Athletic was probably the awakening of the 500 pound Gorilla in the room.

What Liverpool FC did wrong from the beginning was claim that Luis Suarez was not a racist. We here in America are all very familiar with the fact that being a racist is totally seperate from racially abusing someone.

Had Liverpool simply admitted his behavior was incendiary this whole situation could have been alleviated with an apology. The actions of the players, the manager and the organization represented a childish response to a very serious accusation which ultimately came off as something otherwise motivated. It is dually noted that society loves a scapegoat, and right now it’s Liverpool FC, not Luis Suarez.

Luis Suarez has had a rather colorful past with on field incedents but I do not think in any way is he a racist. I just think he is petulant and somewhat childish and in the heat of a match used some rather abusive language of which he had no idea the ramification of his actions.

Be that as it may, there is no excuse at all for his behavior. So my suggestion is this Liverpool: make amends by sending Suarez out in the community for some very public service and have him work with others addressing this very toxic issue. Secondly: the owners should make a public appearance at this point and issue a very public apology.

That is the Liverpool FC I know! YNWA ….