SAISD Scupper SS&E Soccer Bid

The decision has been made from the Board of the San Antonio Independent School District to continue redevelopment of Alamo Stadium.  The Board, however, has elected not to rezone Alamo Stadium effectively ending any bid to establish a pro soccer franchise by Spurs Sports & Entertainment.

The original deed for the stadium states that the use of the facility will not be for private benefit thereby guaranteeing the public interest is the prime beneficiary.

This ends the more than three and half year saga between SAISD and SS&E to bring pro soccer to San Antonio.  In a rather odd and abrupt twist to the story the timing of the decision directly coincides with the beginning of the inaugural season for San Antonio’s other pro soccer team, the San Antonio Scorpions FC.

The Scorpions FC are scheduled to begin play in April and look set to corner the market for bexar county supporters.  The grassroots marketing for the team and recent plans to build a soccer specific stadium have been met with great reception from local patrons.

While SAISD seem to have little interest in hosting a pro soccer club in Alamo Stadium SS&E have yet to make their intentions clear.  SAISD, it seems, needs to work toward getting their house in order rather than being distracted by what SS&E want and by extension, what soccer fans what.

If SS&E would like to commit to establish a world class football club, they need to show more faith in the public.  They need only look at what small success Gordon Hartman is having with the Scorpions FC.

While it remains to be seen whether the Scorpions FC will be competitive in the long run, the steps taken by Gordon Hartman and company have placed faith in an idea that soccer is profitable.  However, the faith of soccer in San Antonio now hinges on whether or not soccer for a cause can be a success.

Let us not forget that success on the pitch directly translates to success off of the pitch.  The more games you win, the longer you stay around.  Can Scorpions FC turn their first season into a winning one?  Will SS&E continue to keep their soccer dream alive?

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